Working the Festive season as a Sex Worker!


The TV is full of Christmas adverts, and where best to buy your festive food. It’s certainly freezing outside…it can only mean one thing. The festive season is upon us!

The time for giving, for receiving…having general merriment!


The good thing is that Christmas is generally a fairly busy time for escorts. As always we care for your safety and health. So we have put together a little guide for working this festive season!


Remember over Christmas and new year everything is done in excess. Therefore you may have more potential clients, wanting to book time with you when they are in full flow party mode. 

Now if you’re a party girl this may be OK for you, but if not then don’t feel you have to accept bookings with clients who you normally wouldn’t be OK with.

Safety first…if you’re in a hurry, the best way to check is with an app called client eye.

This app allows you to check numbers of potential clients, and see if they have been reported at all.



Ensure you’re taking your vitamins and stay in tip top condition. Drink lots of water and keep your gym routine up. 

That being said, it goes the other way too. Make sure any clients you meet are not ill. The last thing you want is to catch a cold, or flu bug and then you can’t work.


Sex, drugs and alcohol!

Even if you want to enjoy extra bookings, especially the extra money at this time of year, keep your wits about you!

Ensure you keep to your screening routine. Ensure clients know what is and is NOT OK when they meet you.

Around the festive season people want to let loose a bit more, be sure they know what is not acceptable, to avoid any disappointment.



Potential customers may be travelling over Christmas so in a town/city they don’t know well. Ensure if you’re wanting to try and get more work at this time of year, be seen everywhere, in form of advertising that is. Make sure you invest in ads to see you over the December/January time frame.

 At Friday-ad we specialise in “local” advertising but cover the whole of the UK. Check out our pages here.

As we have mentioned in a previous article “How to create a succesful advert.” You’re advert is to attract punters, be clear on your services, prices and what makes you unique and different. Let them know why they should book you.


Ensure R & R time!

You may be enjoying more bookings and happy to fill your time seeing clients but just ensure you also have some “you time,” and get your rest.

Chritsmas is a time for seeing friends and family, so be sure you balance work and play!


To all our lovely escorts out there have a fabulous festive season and Christmas, and don’t forget to place your ad on Friday-ad.

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