Want to work as an Escort? Here are our top tips!



Thinking about working as an escort? Before you dive in head first, think about the reasons why you’re choosing this career path, and do you’re research, as this will best prepare you in the long run.

Prepare yourself for the work, as this is not something to get into for quick cash.

Don’t panic though, you are in the right place we have loads of advice and articles to help you make the choice best for you.

Here are some top tips on starting your new and exciting career!

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Create your persona

It’s important not to share your true identity with the clients you will meet. Mainly for safety, but keep your work and private life separate. Therefore it’s advisable to choose a different name and “history” for when your clients should ask. Try not to complicate it, and keep it simple.

Then when you have repeat bookings from clients they hear the same story.

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How often do you want to work?

The great thing about working for yourself in this way, is that you choose your specific hours you want to be available for. Don’t let the idea of money determine your working hours.

Many people have a 9-5 and work 2 or 3 evenings a week to top up their finances.



Keep your family and friends close

Naturally with escorting comes engaging in sexual activity with strangers. This can take its toll on you emotionally, as well as physically. Having close friends/family encourages good well being and a good escape from work.

Many escorts dont tell their family what they do, whether you do or don’t is totally your decision.


Have a “safe” person you trust


In this profession you are either visiting clients, or they are visiting you. There is an element of danger with this, as you may be going to a destination you do not know, and meeting someone you don’t know.

Having a person who knows where are, and the times of your bookings will add safety should something happen. Two great apps to use are client eye, or Holly Guard!

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Be an attractive all-rounder

Looks are not everything in this industry. Everyones wants and needs are different. As we are all different from one another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Therefore if you want an array of clients you need to be an all rounder. Make the client feel comfortable and be confident in what you are doing.

You will be an actor, sales, marketing and promotions person all in 1!



Use an agency, or go it alone?

We aren’t biased here, it’s your choice to use an agency or be Independent. We can only tell you options of both.

Think of it as simply working for someone, or for yourself. There are many pro’s and con’s to each. As with working for yourself, you do everything yourself, but that suits some people. Some people work better having everything sorted for them, so they can get on with what they do best.

 There are many more of each, but here are the basics

Agency: Agencies take a commision from your booking, but this also covers them advertising your services. They will do their own form of screening of the clients, and sometimes arrange a car and driver to take you to and from your booking.

Being Independant: You will keep 100% percent of your earnings. You will get to promote yourself as you choose.

If you choose to go it alone, click here to read our article o9n screening clients. Or our article how to create a succesful advert.


It takes time, be patient!

As I said earlier this isn’t a quick fix for money, you need to take the right steps. Rome wasnt built in a day!

If you are too quick to go into something and have a bad experience it will put you off for life.

As with any business it takes time to build reputation. Escorts also require an element of trust from the punter, so why shouldn’t the punter require it from the escort!


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