The importance of advertising during the Pandemic

In times like this advertising is your best bet for reaching out to potential new customers, also to keep existing clients up to date on what services you provide.

Let them know of any changes to your business. In this pandemic the latest info from the Government is to practice social distancing.  Although we also all need to try and keep an income coming in. So sometimes we need to keep our work options more flexible.

Many sex workers are adding more sevices to their repetoire in light of this. 

Services such as:

  • Camming
  • Sex chat lines
  • Selling videos, or images

By highlighting in your adverts that you now offer the above services, you can start to build raport with future clients. These clients may not have considered booking an escort before, but if you engage with them over cam, they will be more likely to want to meet you in future.

Potential new clients will have more time to research on the type of escort they want to spend time with. So by the time everything gets back to normal you could have a pool of new customers, who are looking forward to spending time with you.

There has been a swift increase in people wanting to watch cams, and porn. Pornhub have been in the public eye for the increase in viewers since everyone has been Isolated. So what better time to star camming!

Although if you can manage and choose not to do camming, now is also a good time to get up to date with social media, your marketing and paperwork.

For your marketing perhaps get ahead of the game, and prep some of the following for when the world resumes back to normal.

 Key things in a good advert:

  • Be Genuine with up to date Images
  • Nice High-Quality Photos
  •  Wear different outfits
  • Lots of Clients Enjoy Role Play
  •  Use Exciting, Creative Descriptions
  • What makes you different?

 Here at Friday-Ad you can advertise your services to an audience of over a million visitors a month and great value advertising. Try also taking a look at our other article “How to create a successful advert”

We all can’t wait to be able to say “Do you remember that Corona Virus in 2020?” but until then be safe, be kind and be well.

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