The 17th December is β€œInternational day to end violence against sex workers. β€œ

The day was created to call attention to hate crimes against sex workers all over the world.

The first annual day started in 2003 by Dr. Annie Sprinkle. It was held as a memorial vigil for the victims of the green river killer in Seattle,Washington, USA.

The day has empowered workers from cities around the world, who come together and organise against discrimintaion, and remember victims of violence.

There are lots of events being held across the world to raise awareness. In the UK SWARM and x:talk are hosting a sex worker-only potluck in London.


Through the power of the amazing sex worker community in the UK, they are hosting the event in London to honour the lives lost through violence.

Join in on December 17th to mourn the dead and celebrate everyone’s strengths!

You can see the facebook event here.

Follow them on twitter @xtalkproject @ukdecrimnowΒ 

More info on NSWP here.

Vigil from 2018

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