Guide to Cam work


The great thing about Camming is the interaction between models and viewers.


Unlike porn, there is the all important communication, and this is how you keep your viewer gripped to interacting with you, and communicating with you to learn more. Then ultimately you earning more!


The viewer loves to be able to “ask” or “request” the model to perform a certain task, or action. Obviously its not guaranteed they will get everything they ask for, but as the old saying goes “if you don’t ask you don’t get!” 


Although just because you are being paid for the virtual interaction, does not mean you are obliged to fulfill everything the viewer wants.


Some of the most popular sites for camming are:, 

All sites differ from each other relating to the cut they take from your credits. They also differ from site to site for the amount of active protections in place for the cam models. So be sure to do your research.


What can I stream on cams?

As with the cut they take, they all offer different pro’s and con’s. There are so many sites offering a huge variety of content. It really depends what your needs and requirements are.

Some performers stick to basics, such as talking dirty. Others perform masturbation, all the way to full on sex being streamed. Most sites will allow anything as long as it’s legal!!


So are cam sites legal?

As long as the viewer and model are over 18, then its legal!


How do they work?

As I said earlier they work on interaction with the viewer. The cam model connects with viewers to make money, in the form of “tips!”


Most sites work on a “credit” or “tips” payment system. These will then translate to payment into real money for the models.

You can then engage in private chat session where you are paid by the minute.


You can either host your own private chat room, on a site where you don’t pay the host. But they will take a percentage of your tips.


The other option is to host your own chat room from your own website, although there will still be costs for the hosting and upkeep of your website.


If you already have quite a fan base you should be able to engage with your fans/subscribers and new customers, and they will come to you direct rather than you hosting on a larger cam site.


Most performers who do well in the Industry, spend as much time interacting with viewers ensuring their personalities shine through, and market themselves well to gain a good fan base. So when performing on cam, there is a large amount of time that is not in a sexual manner.


It also helps to have something different to offer, or more niche content. There is a lot of competition out there, so set yourself aside from the rest.


Many people who move into cam work rather than escorting, feel that with not having to meet in person makes them safer. Please bear in mind that often people are more confident behind a keyboard! They feel that if they are tipping/paying you, you should do whatever they request.


As with any work keep your boundaries and don’t be tempted to do anything you weren’t prepared to do before for money! Your safety is the first priority!

Just because your on cam being sexual does not mean you should be treated like an object.

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