Are you a new to Escort? Check out our Health tips….


Thinking about getting started as an escort, or already made the leap into your new career? Before getting too involved with your advertising, and how to get clients your first thought should be your health which should always be your priority. As with other jobs such as personal trainers, dancers or landscapers, your body is your main tool to do the job.


You need to keep yourself fit, and in good health. Not forgetting your internal and mental health too!


If you are very new to this and inexperienced, you may see a new client, have several bookings from them and then feel you no longer need to use condoms with this customer… BIG mistake! If they are booking you, chances are they are booking other escorts and having many more sexual encounters!

Obviously it’s great to build a bond with clients (especially regulars but remember to keep your guard up!)


Always use condoms, stay strong and don’t give into peer pressure. Now and again the chances are that some aspects of your safety checks may lapse slightly. You may have had one too many drinks, or may really like this client, or maybe trying to give extra pleasure to a client.

The issue is that a small offering of no condom could then halt your career, or worse yet end it!

You never know what this person may have. Even the smallest of bacteria which jumps onto your skin while in contact with them, may cause problems such as herpes, Genital HPV, Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease  or hepatitis etc.


Hence there being health tips, and advice to follow (religiously) before considering various sexual acts.


Our top tips;



Use a good quality brand, and buy lots of them!

If you’re at an appointment and find you have run out, there may be pressure to not use, or use a sub standard condom!

These rubbery bad boys are your best friend when it comes to helping yourself stay safe from unwanted STD’s and other infections.


GUM/Sexual Health Clinics

These centers should be your quarterly or monthly place to visit. Be open with them about your job, as they will more than likely see lots of escorts every day and offer you more safety advice.

They also offer hepatitis vaccine, which again will help you stay safe from many diseases.


Looking Good!

Since your job is based on looking good and having a great body (be it slim, curvy, athletic or BBW.) It is important to get regular exercise, ensure that your diet consists of lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Even if its just to prevent you getting a cold, or flu. You don’t want to be sneezing, or coughing over your clients!

A diet of junk food isn’t a good idea to be able to endure the stamina you will need for seeing 2,3,4 or more clients in one day!

Also drink lots of water! I won’t go into all the benefits of drinking lots of water as there are too many and I don’t have all day!


Healthy Mind

In a career that requires you to give a lot, its advisable to keep your mind healthy and ensure you have “you” time.

Try some meditation, breathing exercises, or maybe try some yoga. Not only does it help inner peace but also helps with that all important flexibility that is helpful for the job.


Client health

As I said earlier, without your health business will be very difficult. If you have a client who is sick, you then may catch it and not be able to work. So ensure when taking bookings you have some rules in place.


Your health and safety is paramount. Don’t take chances or risks. Have strict policies and don’t compromise.


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