Advice for Sex Workers during the Pandemic

With the chaos going on everywhere at the moment, we wanted to try and ensure our wonderful sex workers out there have up to date information.

Many businesses have gone a bit quiet due to the Corona outbreak. The government has stated they will help the self employed, but of course you need to be registered as self employed. 

Many SW have said its business as usual, although clients and potential clients aren’t travelling or venturing far.

As usual your health and safety is our primary concern. I am also well aware that you have health and hygiene at the forefront of your minds too.


Here are some alternative suggestions to physically meeting clients during this pandemic: 


If you wish to keep seeing clients in this pandemic ensure you ask your clients if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, or have travelled abroad recently to let you know.  This way you can be sure to make a judgement call on whether to see them.

Here are some useful links:

Latest NHS information here 

Latest Government information here.

Uglymugs latest information summary for sex workers.

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