The importance of advertising during the Pandemic

The importance of advertising during the Pandemic

The importance of advertising during the Pandemic

In times like this advertising is your best bet for reaching out to potential new customers, also to keep existing clients up to date on what services you provide.

Let them know of any changes to your business. In this pandemic the latest info from the Government is to practice social distancing.  Although we also all need to try and keep an income coming in. So sometimes we need to keep our work options more flexible.

Many sex workers are adding more sevices to their repetoire in light of this. 

Services such as:

  • Camming
  • Sex chat lines
  • Selling videos, or images

By highlighting in your adverts that you now offer the above services, you can start to build raport with future clients. These clients may not have considered booking an escort before, but if you engage with them over cam, they will be more likely to want to meet you in future.

Potential new clients will have more time to research on the type of escort they want to spend time with. So by the time everything gets back to normal you could have a pool of new customers, who are looking forward to spending time with you.

There has been a swift increase in people wanting to watch cams, and porn. Pornhub have been in the public eye for the increase in viewers since everyone has been Isolated. So what better time to star camming!

Although if you can manage and choose not to do camming, now is also a good time to get up to date with social media, your marketing and paperwork.

For your marketing perhaps get ahead of the game, and prep some of the following for when the world resumes back to normal.

 Key things in a good advert:

  • Be Genuine with up to date Images
  • Nice High-Quality Photos
  •  Wear different outfits
  • Lots of Clients Enjoy Role Play
  •  Use Exciting, Creative Descriptions
  • What makes you different?

 Here at Friday-Ad you can advertise your services to an audience of over a million visitors a month and great value advertising. Try also taking a look at our other article “How to create a successful advert”

We all can’t wait to be able to say “Do you remember that Corona Virus in 2020?” but until then be safe, be kind and be well.

Advice for Sex Workers during the Pandemic

Advice for Sex Workers during the Pandemic

Advice for Sex Workers during the Pandemic

With the chaos going on everywhere at the moment, we wanted to try and ensure our wonderful sex workers out there have up to date information.

Many businesses have gone a bit quiet due to the Corona outbreak. The government has stated they will help the self employed, but of course you need to be registered as self employed. 

Many SW have said its business as usual, although clients and potential clients aren’t travelling or venturing far.

As usual your health and safety is our primary concern. I am also well aware that you have health and hygiene at the forefront of your minds too.


Here are some alternative suggestions to physically meeting clients during this pandemic: 


If you wish to keep seeing clients in this pandemic ensure you ask your clients if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, or have travelled abroad recently to let you know.  This way you can be sure to make a judgement call on whether to see them.

Here are some useful links:

Latest NHS information here 

Latest Government information here.

Uglymugs latest information summary for sex workers.

Want to work as an Escort? – Top Tips!

Want to work as an Escort? – Top Tips!

Want to work as an Escort? Here are our top tips!



Thinking about working as an escort? Before you dive in head first, think about the reasons why you’re choosing this career path, and do you’re research, as this will best prepare you in the long run.

Prepare yourself for the work, as this is not something to get into for quick cash.

Don’t panic though, you are in the right place we have loads of advice and articles to help you make the choice best for you.

Here are some top tips on starting your new and exciting career!

Read our more thorough article here

Create your persona

It’s important not to share your true identity with the clients you will meet. Mainly for safety, but keep your work and private life separate. Therefore it’s advisable to choose a different name and “history” for when your clients should ask. Try not to complicate it, and keep it simple.

Then when you have repeat bookings from clients they hear the same story.

Read our Do’s and dont’s when meeting a client here.


How often do you want to work?

The great thing about working for yourself in this way, is that you choose your specific hours you want to be available for. Don’t let the idea of money determine your working hours.

Many people have a 9-5 and work 2 or 3 evenings a week to top up their finances.



Keep your family and friends close

Naturally with escorting comes engaging in sexual activity with strangers. This can take its toll on you emotionally, as well as physically. Having close friends/family encourages good well being and a good escape from work.

Many escorts dont tell their family what they do, whether you do or don’t is totally your decision.


Have a “safe” person you trust


In this profession you are either visiting clients, or they are visiting you. There is an element of danger with this, as you may be going to a destination you do not know, and meeting someone you don’t know.

Having a person who knows where are, and the times of your bookings will add safety should something happen. Two great apps to use are client eye, or Holly Guard!

Read our article on Working safely as an escort here.


Be an attractive all-rounder

Looks are not everything in this industry. Everyones wants and needs are different. As we are all different from one another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Therefore if you want an array of clients you need to be an all rounder. Make the client feel comfortable and be confident in what you are doing.

You will be an actor, sales, marketing and promotions person all in 1!



Use an agency, or go it alone?

We aren’t biased here, it’s your choice to use an agency or be Independent. We can only tell you options of both.

Think of it as simply working for someone, or for yourself. There are many pro’s and con’s to each. As with working for yourself, you do everything yourself, but that suits some people. Some people work better having everything sorted for them, so they can get on with what they do best.

 There are many more of each, but here are the basics

Agency: Agencies take a commision from your booking, but this also covers them advertising your services. They will do their own form of screening of the clients, and sometimes arrange a car and driver to take you to and from your booking.

Being Independant: You will keep 100% percent of your earnings. You will get to promote yourself as you choose.

If you choose to go it alone, click here to read our article o9n screening clients. Or our article how to create a succesful advert.


It takes time, be patient!

As I said earlier this isn’t a quick fix for money, you need to take the right steps. Rome wasnt built in a day!

If you are too quick to go into something and have a bad experience it will put you off for life.

As with any business it takes time to build reputation. Escorts also require an element of trust from the punter, so why shouldn’t the punter require it from the escort!





The 17th December is “International day to end violence against sex workers. “

The day was created to call attention to hate crimes against sex workers all over the world.

The first annual day started in 2003 by Dr. Annie Sprinkle. It was held as a memorial vigil for the victims of the green river killer in Seattle,Washington, USA.

The day has empowered workers from cities around the world, who come together and organise against discrimintaion, and remember victims of violence.

There are lots of events being held across the world to raise awareness. In the UK SWARM and x:talk are hosting a sex worker-only potluck in London.


Through the power of the amazing sex worker community in the UK, they are hosting the event in London to honour the lives lost through violence.

Join in on December 17th to mourn the dead and celebrate everyone’s strengths!

You can see the facebook event here.

Follow them on twitter @xtalkproject @ukdecrimnow 

More info on NSWP here.

Vigil from 2018

Expo Erotica is Coming!

Expo Erotica is Coming!

Expo Erotica is Coming!

We are excited to announce that we are media partners with Expo Erotica

Expo Erotica is a brand new show being held in Telford on 8th and 9th August 2020.

This fantastic lifestyle event is a celebration of Sexuality in a safe, fun, adult environment.

Expo Erotica is open to singles, couples, LGBTI and all other communities. Anyone who is open minded, free spirited, with a sense of fun and adventure, then this is the expo for you. If you‘re looking to broaden your horizons or delve into something you haven’t tried before but always wanted to, then get the dates in your diary!


There hasn’t been an ‘adult erotica’ show in the UK for at least 5 or 6 years. With the adult industry being one of the biggest in Europe, the UK is literally gagging (!!) for a show like this!


This is not a porn show, but you do need to be over 18 to attend. They already have lots of exhibitors signed up, along with fun workshops, and a host of fabulous Dommes ready to greet you, on a specially designated area called Devil Island, to chat, tease and ensure safe instruction along with visual delights for all things BDSM. 

Not forgetting ‘The Expo Erotica Awards’: Fun awards for visitors to enter, across a variety of different genres. Prizes given to the winners of each category and totally free to enter (as long as you have a valid ticket to the expo.)

Plus the fantastic: ‘Pricasso’ who paints portraits naked, with his penis!

The shows creators say “We are really looking forward to Expo Erotica as there is a real need and desire for this type of show in the UK, almost every other country has it’s own adult expo, so why not the UK ?! We are also hugely excited about what we have to offer visitors to the show, as we really want to engage everybody who attends. The UK has had what feels like a real slump of a time this last year, so there’ll be no looking back when we say goodbye to 2019, and more of welcome Hello as we bring on the Sexy Fun in 2020.”


The show has something for everyone, so whatever the desire, whether it be softly sensual, wildly erotic, daringly fetish or devilishly kinky, get to the show and explore. The exhibitors will showcase a host of exciting products designed to spice up your love life, all in a relaxed and all inclusive environment, and some of the guests that are attending are sure to be fun and entertaining.


Expo Erotica is a new show, and encourages anyone who feels they have something to share, or show to get in touch and see if you can work together. 

For all exhibitor, or show enquiries please contact:


For more info and to be kept up to date with show info click here for the website.

Working the Festive season as a Sex Worker!

Working the Festive season as a Sex Worker!

Working the Festive season as a Sex Worker!


The TV is full of Christmas adverts, and where best to buy your festive food. It’s certainly freezing outside…it can only mean one thing. The festive season is upon us!

The time for giving, for receiving…having general merriment!


The good thing is that Christmas is generally a fairly busy time for escorts. As always we care for your safety and health. So we have put together a little guide for working this festive season!


Remember over Christmas and new year everything is done in excess. Therefore you may have more potential clients, wanting to book time with you when they are in full flow party mode. 

Now if you’re a party girl this may be OK for you, but if not then don’t feel you have to accept bookings with clients who you normally wouldn’t be OK with.

Safety first…if you’re in a hurry, the best way to check is with an app called client eye.

This app allows you to check numbers of potential clients, and see if they have been reported at all.



Ensure you’re taking your vitamins and stay in tip top condition. Drink lots of water and keep your gym routine up. 

That being said, it goes the other way too. Make sure any clients you meet are not ill. The last thing you want is to catch a cold, or flu bug and then you can’t work.


Sex, drugs and alcohol!

Even if you want to enjoy extra bookings, especially the extra money at this time of year, keep your wits about you!

Ensure you keep to your screening routine. Ensure clients know what is and is NOT OK when they meet you.

Around the festive season people want to let loose a bit more, be sure they know what is not acceptable, to avoid any disappointment.



Potential customers may be travelling over Christmas so in a town/city they don’t know well. Ensure if you’re wanting to try and get more work at this time of year, be seen everywhere, in form of advertising that is. Make sure you invest in ads to see you over the December/January time frame.

 At Friday-ad we specialise in “local” advertising but cover the whole of the UK. Check out our pages here.

As we have mentioned in a previous article “How to create a succesful advert.” You’re advert is to attract punters, be clear on your services, prices and what makes you unique and different. Let them know why they should book you.


Ensure R & R time!

You may be enjoying more bookings and happy to fill your time seeing clients but just ensure you also have some “you time,” and get your rest.

Chritsmas is a time for seeing friends and family, so be sure you balance work and play!


To all our lovely escorts out there have a fabulous festive season and Christmas, and don’t forget to place your ad on Friday-ad.