Working the Festive season as a Sex Worker!

Working the Festive season as a Sex Worker!

Working the Festive season as a Sex Worker!


The TV is full of Christmas adverts, and where best to buy your festive food. It’s certainly freezing outside…it can only mean one thing. The festive season is upon us!

The time for giving, for receiving…having general merriment!


The good thing is that Christmas is generally a fairly busy time for escorts. As always we care for your safety and health. So we have put together a little guide for working this festive season!


Remember over Christmas and new year everything is done in excess. Therefore you may have more potential clients, wanting to book time with you when they are in full flow party mode. 

Now if you’re a party girl this may be OK for you, but if not then don’t feel you have to accept bookings with clients who you normally wouldn’t be OK with.

Safety first…if you’re in a hurry, the best way to check is with an app called client eye.

This app allows you to check numbers of potential clients, and see if they have been reported at all.



Ensure you’re taking your vitamins and stay in tip top condition. Drink lots of water and keep your gym routine up. 

That being said, it goes the other way too. Make sure any clients you meet are not ill. The last thing you want is to catch a cold, or flu bug and then you can’t work.


Sex, drugs and alcohol!

Even if you want to enjoy extra bookings, especially the extra money at this time of year, keep your wits about you!

Ensure you keep to your screening routine. Ensure clients know what is and is NOT OK when they meet you.

Around the festive season people want to let loose a bit more, be sure they know what is not acceptable, to avoid any disappointment.



Potential customers may be travelling over Christmas so in a town/city they don’t know well. Ensure if you’re wanting to try and get more work at this time of year, be seen everywhere, in form of advertising that is. Make sure you invest in ads to see you over the December/January time frame.

 At Friday-ad we specialise in “local” advertising but cover the whole of the UK. Check out our pages here.

As we have mentioned in a previous article “How to create a succesful advert.” You’re advert is to attract punters, be clear on your services, prices and what makes you unique and different. Let them know why they should book you.


Ensure R & R time!

You may be enjoying more bookings and happy to fill your time seeing clients but just ensure you also have some “you time,” and get your rest.

Chritsmas is a time for seeing friends and family, so be sure you balance work and play!


To all our lovely escorts out there have a fabulous festive season and Christmas, and don’t forget to place your ad on Friday-ad.

Could You Become a Pornstar?

Could You Become a Pornstar?

Could You Become a Pornstar?

A Progressive Industry

Porn started in the 1920s and has taken the world by storm, developing some wild and bizarre genres and turning the average girls next door into huge household names. Porn has since become prominent throughout Twitter and other social media platforms making it easier than ever for amateurs to break into the industry and more established adult film stars to increase their reach. Amongst all else, porn is becoming commonplace throughout households and the stigma behind filming, performing and watching porn is slowly fracturing.

In 2017, various reports stated that the porn industry was worth around $97 billion dollars. It’s said that nearly 30,000,000 unique visitors are watching porn at any second of the day and that the porn industry makes more money than the Major League Basketball, NFL and NBA combined, which are Americas three top sports.

So do you want to get in on the action?


Generation Y

You might be wondering why you are considering signing up for adult casting, but you aren’t the only one thinking about advertising yourself. We are generation Y which is also known as the xxx generation full of porn obsessed and sexually adventurous young people.

We are in a time where students are taking part in porn to pay their student fees and housewives are spending their days on cam sites to help pay the mortgage. Money is at our fingertips and we are the generation to take advantage of this.

As you can see from the Adult Casting section, there are plenty of ladies and gentlemen looking to become the latest big thing in Porn and leave a mark on the industry just like Mia Khalifa did. So its not just you.

Whether you agree or disagree with the porn industry, there is money to be made and fun to be had from becoming a porn star in the UK. So, if you are interested, here’s how to break into the porn industry.


How to Break into the Porn Industry

So, porn is still the biggest and most lucrative industry in the world. With porn stars now able to rival mainstream celebrities, in terms of fame, if you are able to manage your branding and have a great promotional strategy, you could reap the rewards of a life-changing income. However, this makes breaking into the British porn industry very tricky! It’s difficult to get yourself an agent and can also involve some major leg work.

At Ennvy we work hand in hand with multiple porn agents across the UK and Europe. With Ennvy, you can cut out the long groundwork, web hunting and constant emails by simply putting yourself in front of the audience you need.


From Your Bedroom To Brazzers


Whether you want to shoot homemade porn videos from the comfort of your own bedroom or are looking to break into being featured on the front page of Brazzers, now you have a chance to be discovered with

Instead of posting videos to Pornhub waiting to be discovered or even contacting major porn production companies with endless emails, you want a more secure way to enter the industry. Ennvy has porn agents who visit the website regularly looking for their next big thing.

Agents are always looking for men and women to make x-rated movies. If you want to hide your identity some agents also look for actors and actresses to take part in masked productions. Other agents will be looking for new XXX stars to make videos for hotels and private collectors, which might be best for you if you don’t need to be plastered all over the web.

If anything you have read sounds like something you are interested in, why not sign up today for FREE and be promoted within the ‘Adult Casting’ section. Click here to become a UK pornstar.


Let a porn agent find you and start your UK porn journey start today.

Guide to Cam Work

Guide to Cam Work


Guide to Cam work


The great thing about Camming is the interaction between models and viewers.


Unlike porn, there is the all important communication, and this is how you keep your viewer gripped to interacting with you, and communicating with you to learn more. Then ultimately you earning more!


The viewer loves to be able to “ask” or “request” the model to perform a certain task, or action. Obviously its not guaranteed they will get everything they ask for, but as the old saying goes “if you don’t ask you don’t get!” 


Although just because you are being paid for the virtual interaction, does not mean you are obliged to fulfill everything the viewer wants.


Some of the most popular sites for camming are:, 

All sites differ from each other relating to the cut they take from your credits. They also differ from site to site for the amount of active protections in place for the cam models. So be sure to do your research.


What can I stream on cams?

As with the cut they take, they all offer different pro’s and con’s. There are so many sites offering a huge variety of content. It really depends what your needs and requirements are.

Some performers stick to basics, such as talking dirty. Others perform masturbation, all the way to full on sex being streamed. Most sites will allow anything as long as it’s legal!!


So are cam sites legal?

As long as the viewer and model are over 18, then its legal!


How do they work?

As I said earlier they work on interaction with the viewer. The cam model connects with viewers to make money, in the form of “tips!”


Most sites work on a “credit” or “tips” payment system. These will then translate to payment into real money for the models.

You can then engage in private chat session where you are paid by the minute.


You can either host your own private chat room, on a site where you don’t pay the host. But they will take a percentage of your tips.


The other option is to host your own chat room from your own website, although there will still be costs for the hosting and upkeep of your website.


If you already have quite a fan base you should be able to engage with your fans/subscribers and new customers, and they will come to you direct rather than you hosting on a larger cam site.


Most performers who do well in the Industry, spend as much time interacting with viewers ensuring their personalities shine through, and market themselves well to gain a good fan base. So when performing on cam, there is a large amount of time that is not in a sexual manner.


It also helps to have something different to offer, or more niche content. There is a lot of competition out there, so set yourself aside from the rest.


Many people who move into cam work rather than escorting, feel that with not having to meet in person makes them safer. Please bear in mind that often people are more confident behind a keyboard! They feel that if they are tipping/paying you, you should do whatever they request.


As with any work keep your boundaries and don’t be tempted to do anything you weren’t prepared to do before for money! Your safety is the first priority!

Just because your on cam being sexual does not mean you should be treated like an object.

If you were thinking about moving into escorting don’t forget to check out our guide here: “How to become an escort in the UK”






Are you a new Escorting? Check out our Health tips..

Are you a new Escorting? Check out our Health tips..

Are you a new to Escort? Check out our Health tips….


Thinking about getting started as an escort, or already made the leap into your new career? Before getting too involved with your advertising, and how to get clients your first thought should be your health which should always be your priority. As with other jobs such as personal trainers, dancers or landscapers, your body is your main tool to do the job.


You need to keep yourself fit, and in good health. Not forgetting your internal and mental health too!


If you are very new to this and inexperienced, you may see a new client, have several bookings from them and then feel you no longer need to use condoms with this customer… BIG mistake! If they are booking you, chances are they are booking other escorts and having many more sexual encounters!

Obviously it’s great to build a bond with clients (especially regulars but remember to keep your guard up!)


Always use condoms, stay strong and don’t give into peer pressure. Now and again the chances are that some aspects of your safety checks may lapse slightly. You may have had one too many drinks, or may really like this client, or maybe trying to give extra pleasure to a client.

The issue is that a small offering of no condom could then halt your career, or worse yet end it!

You never know what this person may have. Even the smallest of bacteria which jumps onto your skin while in contact with them, may cause problems such as herpes, Genital HPV, Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease  or hepatitis etc.


Hence there being health tips, and advice to follow (religiously) before considering various sexual acts.


Our top tips;



Use a good quality brand, and buy lots of them!

If you’re at an appointment and find you have run out, there may be pressure to not use, or use a sub standard condom!

These rubbery bad boys are your best friend when it comes to helping yourself stay safe from unwanted STD’s and other infections.


GUM/Sexual Health Clinics

These centers should be your quarterly or monthly place to visit. Be open with them about your job, as they will more than likely see lots of escorts every day and offer you more safety advice.

They also offer hepatitis vaccine, which again will help you stay safe from many diseases.


Looking Good!

Since your job is based on looking good and having a great body (be it slim, curvy, athletic or BBW.) It is important to get regular exercise, ensure that your diet consists of lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Even if its just to prevent you getting a cold, or flu. You don’t want to be sneezing, or coughing over your clients!

A diet of junk food isn’t a good idea to be able to endure the stamina you will need for seeing 2,3,4 or more clients in one day!

Also drink lots of water! I won’t go into all the benefits of drinking lots of water as there are too many and I don’t have all day!


Healthy Mind

In a career that requires you to give a lot, its advisable to keep your mind healthy and ensure you have “you” time.

Try some meditation, breathing exercises, or maybe try some yoga. Not only does it help inner peace but also helps with that all important flexibility that is helpful for the job.


Client health

As I said earlier, without your health business will be very difficult. If you have a client who is sick, you then may catch it and not be able to work. So ensure when taking bookings you have some rules in place.


Your health and safety is paramount. Don’t take chances or risks. Have strict policies and don’t compromise.


Here are some more articles you will find helpful if your a newcomer to the industry:

Working safely as an escort

Mistakes an escort should avoid

The do’s and donts when meeting a client

How to become an escort in the UK





UK Sexpo® Announces Venue Tickets & Exhibitor Floor Space Now on Sale

UK Sexpo® Announces Venue Tickets & Exhibitor Floor Space Now on Sale

UK Sexpo® Announces Venue Tickets & Exhibitor Floor Space Now on Sale 

(Melbourne, Australia) The wait is over…Sexpo® is happening this fall in the UK and tickets and exhibitor booths are now on sale.

This will be the first UK show in four years, and it’s set to be the largest. UK Sexpo® is set to take place October 25th through October 27th, 2019 at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham.

The first UK Sexpo® was staged (under license) at London Olympia in November 2015. Almost four years later, this year’s event will be the first under the direct control of Sexpo® founder, David Ross. Last year, they had a difficult time finding the perfect venue, but the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham is more than perfect. Another hurdle was the permits—they have established a new UK limited company and have now secured all planning permissions. Council permits can be viewed HERE.

There are many adult exhibitions around the world, including some previously held in the UK, but none have used the focus on ‘lifestyle’ the way Sexpo® does. This focus ensures attendance numbers are far better than any competing event with more than 50% of attendees being women. “The best attendance for a single event is 68,000 [in Australia), with 40,000 being the average attendance, making Sexpo® the busiest stand-alone adult show in the world,” says David Ross, Sexpo® (International) Pty Ltd Managing Director. “The best attendance for a single event is 68k (in Australia), with 40k being the average attendance, making Sexpo® the busiest stand-alone adult show in the world. We anticipate that 30k will visit the 2019 Birmingham event. Using the Australian and South Africa events as a guide, we expect the numbers to increase over the next eight years before settling down to an average of 40k.” Mainstream and adult companies looking to exhibit and reach at estimated 30k attendees, should check out the Exhibitor page.

View the promo booklet and register your interest by clicking on the button or email for details and pricing information. Attendees can pre-purchase tickets are now on sale HERE and range in price from £25 to £120. Sexpo® is the world’s largest and longest running health, sexuality and (adult) lifestyle exhibition that has operated out of six states in Australia since 1996, has run under a licensee in South Africa since 2007, and had their first London event in 2015. Recently celebrating its 22nd birthday it now boasts almost 100 events across 3 continents with a collective total of more than three million visitors. Business inquiries about Sexpo® should be sent to David Ross. He can be reached via email at or phone at +61 419266981. Media inquiries about Sexpo® should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at


Sexpo®, the world’s largest & longest-running Health, Sexuality and (adult) Lifestyle expo is NOT a porn show; it’s a woman and LGBT+ friendly entertainment event for all adults.

Conceived in 1995, Sexpo® is the brainchild of David Ross. Having spent a number of years in the adult industry and retail space prior to this time, David wanted to modernise the way adults sampled, evaluated and purchased products and services related to the adult industry. He decided that the best way to achieve his goal was to surround the adult product with non-sexual products and services, and then present it all in a venue that the general public was comfortable visiting, a major exhibition venue.

The exhibitor base incorporates companies from a range of fields. These include (but are not limited to) health, spa pools, fashion, bedding, wedding planners, wine tasting, holiday resorts, hair and make-up artists, physical fitness equipment and others that have helped broaden the appeal of the event to the public, and usually results in balanced media coverage. First held in Melbourne, Australia, in 1996, Sexpo® expanded to South Africa in 2007. Recently celebrating its 22nd birthday it now boasts almost 100 events across 3 continents with a collective total of more than three million visitors. Find out more about UK Sexpo® by visiting their site Learn more and their background at Follow their Instagram and Twitter at @Sexpouk and “like” their Facebook page.