Here at Friday-Ad, your safety is our biggest concern when doing the work you do!
In this article, we will go through security measures that need to be taken to ensure you are safe 24/7.
Leave nothing to chance, as it’s a risky business and escorts can be very vulnerable. Following the correct safety measures can ensure your risks are hugely reduced.

Working the amount of time you do, and the hours you do, can take its toll on your health and physical appearance, not to mention your mental health.
Although such things like your hours of work, rates, beauty regime may change from time to time, always ensure your safety routine does not!
Under NO circumstances should you compromise on your personal safety and health! As these are the areas where clients may take advantage. In an ideal world, it would be great to always have fabulous clients who wouldn’t dream of taking advantage but we all live in the real world. Being in this profession, you will at one time or another be in a situation you wouldn’t choose for yourself.


Screening is a priority!

When a client calls to book you, collect their information and ensure you get them to repeat everything in case anything doesn’t marry up. In this industry trust your gut and if something doesn’t seem right, then trust your instincts and don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation.
More often than not you won’t be using your real name, which of course is fine, but the client may also want their identity as confidential, so be sure to tell them they can trust you and it won’t be compromised under any circumstances.
When you work for an agency this is covered for you, but if you’re working independently, be more cautious.

Stay Alert!

A big safety measure is to never allow your guard to come down to then appear vulnerable, or an easy push over! In a polite way you are able to come across as a strong professional who will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour.
Of course enjoy yourself, but always keep an eye out for any signs of danger.

Your services, rates, and time
During the booking process double check with the client that they know exactly what services are either included or expected. Clients can be demanding at the best of times, but if they were expecting a service that is not offered it can get really messy and dangerous very quickly. This also goes for your rates – ensure they know how long they are getting and what’s included.
Always use condoms!



Incalls can be tricky as the likelihood of your personal possessions being about is higher. Ensure there is no personal documentation laying around so the client doesn’t reveal your real name, for example, and that there are no valuables/money on show.
Ensure they are aware that drop ins are not acceptable without an appointment.
NEVER disclose your full address until you are sure the client has arrived, and is alone. Make sure you wait for their call to inform you they have arrived and need the number of the property.
Keep business areas strictly business and personal areas closed off.

For outcalls to a client’s address, use a driver. Ensure that the driver is not only there to take you to and from the appointment but also there to help you in such circumstances that they need to.
Keep your mobile near you at all times during the meeting. Excuse yourself as you arrive to use the bathroom and get a feel for your surroundings.
Verify their address through Google and check out the neighbourhood, and always get a landline for the customer.
Always keep a close eye on the client, be careful if a drink has been poured for you and not him, or out of your vision.
To stay safe and keep your wits about you – don’t drink alcohol, and definitely don’t take drugs.

If you sense any kind of problems or issues, try to change the topic, stay calm and try to calm him down. Or try to be assertive and get the situation back into your control. If things are escalating try and find a polite reason to leave.
Keep your belongings near to the door or handy for you to grab if you need to make a quick exit.
Have a pre written, coded message to your driver, and /or the agency so it’s quicker to send if you’re in that situation. Always have an agreement with your driver in case it’s ever needed and you need him to come get you.

Apps are also a great way to help stay safe. We recommend the following apps; Client eye and Hollie Guard.

Client eye allows you to see anonymously reported timewasters, no shows, abusive clients etc.
While Hollie Guard has various features to help you stay safe whilst working alone. Such features are “meeting.” An alarm is triggered to your selected “safe” contacts (so they can call 999) if you don’t check out (cancel) the end of a meeting.
Or “journey mode”, so if you are walking from A to B, the app will log your journey. If you then feel unsafe you can shake your phone to trigger the alert to your contacts so they can call 999, plus the phone will set off an alarm, and turn on your phone’s flashlight.


To summarise – Do your background checks, keep your wits about you. Don’t be too trusting, or appear unconfident and vulnerable.
Ensure you have discussed (with your client) the cost, and service they will be receiving, for how long and what is included.
We hope you have found these tips helpful and be safe out there.

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