The relationship between escort and client and the act of hiring someone to spend quality time with has actually been a practice for a lot longer than you’d imagine – it’s an ancient cultural activity that existed before we even had the ability to write it down in the history books. Of course, it’s moved on a great deal since then and has progressed into one of the biggest industries worldwide. There’s a high value for escorts in just about every corner of the globe, but with the added interest comes a need for added security. Nowadays, the price you’ll pay for making a mistake is much higher than it was centuries ago, although the industry has actually got a lot safer in the last few years. For someone who’d like to take advantage of this business and start pulling in clients of their own, it’s vital to first be aware of all the precautions you should take and all of the potential hazards that need to be covered before you dive straight in. You’ll likely regret a big mistake in the long run if you failed to educate yourself and lost out on some big money!

Before you start out you’ll probably take a look at basic facts and figures and be really enticed by how easy it seems to pull in clientele and therefore money. However, you’ll slowly realise that it’s not quite so straightforward and takes a lot of time to build your profile as one of the best in the business. You’ll have a huge headstart if you get on board with a trusted and well-known agency that can help push your name straight in front of the high-paying customers. They should also be able to give you insight and advice from professionals who have spent valuable years within the industry. Of course, their day to day job is managing and working with experienced escorts, so they’ll be very familiar with how the system works, and if not, they’re going to have the contacts you need to find all of the information you’d ever want. You could learn a bit about the ‘mistakes to avoid’ first hand from someone who’s been there and done it. This information is absolutely priceless and a real boost at the start of your career.

The number of things that you can learn and perfect during your time as an escort is infinite. Each and every role comes with little perks and preferences that you might have to discover in order to get the best out of yourself. Although we can’t point out all of them, we’ve laid down the key mistakes that are easy to make, which you should always try and avoid when you first start out. Listening to these helpful snippets will ensure that you stay streetwise during your first encounters and prevent any trouble coming your way.

Our first suggestion is a simple one; keep reading! There are so many resources out there for you to dive into, so take the time to experience stories from as many different perspectives as possible! Everybody will have their own unique pieces of info to share so try and expose yourself to all of them. We’ve got plenty of useful guides on our site here that you can go on to read straight after this one. You don’t have to go overboard and it shouldn’t be stressful, but allow yourself time to get the knowledge you need. You can’t underestimate the power of experience, and by doing some research you can enter the industry already feeling a part of it!

The best and most common tip you’ll get from anyone is to conceal your true identity. You just don’t need the hassle of having a client involved in your personal life – it probably won’t end well! It should be relatively straightforward to hide things about who you are and what you get up to, seeing as all of the initial selection, booking, or arrangement process can be done through a single webpage. This allows for a no questions asked setup that remain pretty much as anonymous as you’d like – so long as you come across as friendly and enthusiastic. Very rarely, there might be exceptional circumstances where you share a more intimate relationship with a frequently returning client, so you might trust them enough to share a little bit of extra information. You’ve got to be very careful about it still – you need to be 100% sure that this is someone you can rely on to keep things between the two of you.

Next up, make sure you’ve got your mobile phone situation sorted out. Don’t go signing up to pay monthly contract deals that’ll track, trace and display all of your data somewhere. These deals could also be discovered by clients who might be trying to find out more about you. You should be using a basic prepaid sim that won’t start racking up your call and text records in a nationwide database.

Similar to the phone situation, you need your payment arrangements set down in concrete before you’re good to go with booking anyone in. In terms of payment method, cash in hand should be your primary and only option. It’s the only real method that can’t be interfered with by the opposite party – for example, a card payment could be cancelled or blocked by the client at the last minute. When accepting cash it’s strongly advised to get your hands on a banknote pen checker, just to rule out any possibility of false or counterfeit notes. Even if you’re sure the client is as safe as can be, it doesn’t hurt to check for sure – you never know who might be trying to scam you.

The payment should always be a full payment and before anything commences – unless you get the whole fee cash in hand, don’t start offering out any service!

Whilst you want to be hiding your identity, the client should absolutely not! You have the right to for safeguarding purposes, but there’s no reason why a client should be trying to conceal their true ID. All of their information should be exactly as it was filled in at the point of booking. You can ask to verify their identity before going through with anything, and you should proceed if things don’t add up. Some people might be actively trying to expose you as a prostitute, so it’s very wise not to converse about any of your sexual services in person Do not discuss the sexual acts, prices, rates, donations and other similar sorts of information verbally as that clearly indicates prostitution and might land you in a lot of trouble. Your website should be very clear already about what your services consist of so there shouldn’t be any speculation. We’ve got some great tips on how to correctly advertise yourself in our other article here.

On top of everything else, keeping yourself in good health is paramount. Know your boundaries and stay well within them. It should always be your responsibility to get regular checkups from a specialist – all of the best escorts get frequent screenings. You might be a little tempted to go overboard if the client is particularly demanding or if you’ve had a little to drink, but always make sure you’re reserved and aware. People will always base their experience on how professional you are.

Don’t go for the cheap option when buying contraception; stick to trusted, high-end brands. Moreover, always come stocked with more than enough for every appointment. If you’re going to offer services such as anal, fetish play or anything oral, never let someone else dictate the proceedings; always be clear with the rules you want to set out beforehand. Otherwise, your personal hygiene could be put in danger. It’s really not worth putting yourself at risk just to earn yourself a bit of extra credit from the client. The best thing to keep in mind here is that although the meeting is for the clients’ pleasure, for you it’s a career, so getting a balance between fun and discipline is key. Not only will this protect you physically, but just as much mentally.

Do a quick scout of the location you’re meeting at when you arrive, to confirm that the area is both looking and feleing safe once. It’s reccommended to take a driver along with you just in case you need assistance with getting away, but at least let someone know that you’re going to be there. If you need to make the client aware that you’re going to have to stay in contact with someone during the meeting then don’t hesitate to do so – it’s a standard procedure and may help you feel more at ease. Additionally, go in with a brief plan of action and try and stick to that. The same goes for timings; don’t let the client get more than their oney is worth.

Never accept doing anything for free – nothing that someone can offer you is worth giving up your service without a charge. Nor do you have to proceed with anything you’re uncomfortable with. You hold all of the cards and your decision is final, so say no if you want!

Once you recieve your money, ensure that you’ve got a method of safekeeping that’s both secure and concealed. It’s not uncommon to get swindled out of a few hundred pounds, so count your earnings and put them somewhere no one can get to.

Keep your safety and your comfort as your first priority and be ready to deal with tough situations at times as all clients are different and while one might be a true gentleman, another might be too wild to handle. Have help ready at your fingertips at all times and use all the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your money safe. Brush up on your legal knowledge and understand how to keep yourself in good rapport with the police. Happiness is the biggest key to success – if you’re not enjoying the lifestyle, find ways of changing that. This includes maintaining healthy relationships with your family and friends.

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