No matter what industry you find yourself in across any location in the world, it’ll be made very clear to you that advertising and marketing is the real engine room of business. Advertising is what will push your business forward and get your products or services in front of the right eyes. In the UK in particular, you can become an escort without any complication or involvement with the law, which also means that you’re not going to be penalised or too restricted with what you can do in terms of marketing. That’s a really great thing, as it means you can take your escort business to unprecedented heights in order to be the best.

If you can create adverts that are alluring and exciting then you’ll get more attention and more bookings. That’s a fact. The advert is the one thing that’ll allow a potential client to see what you’re all about, meaning it’s also the one thing that will turn that potential client into a paying one.

One vital thing to consider before you get going is that your age can play a big part in your success, and it’s definitely a case of ‘sooner, rather than later’. Although it’s not always the case, it’s likely that being somewhere between the ages of 19 and 35 will get you a significant amount more business than otherwise. It’s always wise to try and maximise your opportunities; so get going right away!

If you’re thinking about teaming up with one of the many agencies online, then it’s important to make sure they’ve got a great looking website that will both make your advertisements look exceptional and give you the glamorous presentation that you deserve.

To give you a helping hand and a bit of a head start, we’ll talk you through some useful ideas that an individual or agency might need to consider when building the best advert possible.

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Gorgeous photographs are everything

Of course, everyone will understand that beautiful and sexy photos are extremely important for this industry, and possibly the most vital element of a successful advert. But on top of this, you must make sure that photos are genuine and original – you’ll generate a very bad reputation if clients aren’t getting what they paid for in the images. Picture quality and clarity should, of course, be essential too. People in general have very short attention spans and are always looking for things that will grab their eye instantly, whilst telling most of the story. Because of this, it’s definitely worth putting some money into getting these photos sorted professionally at some sort of shoot. The investment you make here will be earnt back in no time at all – so don’t be afraid to splash the cash on a top photographer.

Dress to impress

On a similar subject to photographs, your choice of clothing is a real deal breaker, especially when taking these snaps. You want to display all of your best features creative and seductive fashion. That involves choosing the right outfits. It’s all about painting a picture in the head of a client that’ll drive them mad and bring the experience to life before they’ve even made a booking. To achieve this, try showing yourself in a number of different settings and situations that suggest you’re versatile and adventurous. Obviously, seductive bikini shots will be a firm favourite with a lot of clients, but they’re also wanting to see something a little different too. Those versatile photos of you looking sophisticated at a banquet, or washing your favourite sports car, for example, might be the thing that swings the interest in your direction.

Choose words and descriptions that excite

In such a popular industry, you’ll often find that there are groups of words that keep cropping up in web searches, as people keep looking for the same things. It’s crucial that you try and target these words with your ads, as you need to appeal to what people are already searching for. It’s highly likely that these are also the words that grab people’s attention. This should be especially poignant in your ad’s headline, it’ll accompany your main image and it’s likely to be the first thing that someone will see when your ad pops up. It’ll definitely be the first thing that people read about you and it’s a well-known fact that first impressions are everything. What you’ve got to imagine is that someone browsing ads comes across your placement, enjoys your images but is a bit on the fence about whether to click through to your listing or not. They then decide that they’ll base their decision on how you describe yourself. What’s going to convince someone to make the commitment, and what also might steer them away? Think about fetishes and turn-ons. Tools like LSIGraph are excellent ways to find out what keywords will help you score highly.

Is your ad spelt right, and does it read well?

Although it might not be the key selling point, an ad that’s written poorly or makes you look uneducated is going to be a huge turn-off. It might not always be the aim, but attracting classy and sophisticated clients is the way to earning the big money. If you’re very sought after, this ‘big money’ can be a very generous sum indeed. In order to attract these sorts of people you’re going to want to use words and phrases that suggest class and affluence. A client who has a lot of money to spend and lives a luxurious life is also going to want a luxurious escort to spend time with. If you’re going to fit the bill, you need to display your ads in a manner that raise your profile.

At the very basic level, your ad needs to at least read well and have correct spelling and grammar.

The client always comes first

It’s crucial to remember that most of your efforts should be angled towards providing a client with exactly what they want, in the most efficient way possible. If you’re an agency it’s your responsibility to make sure that your website excited and satisfies clients – so that they can work around things and make choices in a smooth, clear fashion. If you’re an escort, then it’s your responsibility to choose an agency or marketplace that you think provides perfect user experience. This is really beneficial for both you and client.

A beautiful model is not enough; the site needs to be friendly, responsive, informative and of course a little bit seductive!

Don’t just trust an agency – build your own portfolio

Don’t just settle for advertising on someone else’s platform – try and build your own reputation with a personal website. Use this space to showcase yourself through flattering images and visual content. You can also use your site to be a little bit more clear and expressive about your own services and what you can offer a client. You might only get a small advertisement space on someone else’s site, so this is your chance to really sell yourself. If you want to, you can even give more of an indication about your charges and what donations you’d expect. This site needs some time spent on it and it should look really well-made, so it’s advisable to get a designer to make this for you.

Reputation is everything

A great deal of your bookings will come from return clients and recommendations. A nice way to show new clients that you’re trusted and commended is to feature testimonials alongside your adverts. These snippets of praise from clients who have already enjoyed your company will really add some solidity to your portfolio when trying to attract more interest. Someone is far more likely to inquire about your services if they can see that you’ve been enjoyed in the past.

If you involve these tips and strategies within your advertising efforts, you’ll start to see immediate results. They’re just a handful of industry tricks that will bring in more clients and help you to establish your escort services within the industry.

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