In this day and age, being an escort in the UK is recognised as a genuine profession by most and doesn’t really carry the negative stereotypes that you’d imagine – you’re earning a good, honest wage like the rest of the nation. Because of this, you can’t just dive in and there are things to learn if you’re eager to start turning the money in. let’s take a look at what it’s all about before you make the commitment.

What are your reasons for doing it?

This is the main thing you need to answer before going forward, as it determines which path you’re going to take. Lots of people identify the job as the best way to fast track a generous income, whilst others are seeking a position that allows them the platform to discover interesting people on an international scale and share some fun times. Whatever angle you’re coming from, the underlying factor is that you’re going to have to be prepared to have sex on a regular basis – that’s something that every escort is accepting of and you simply have to be comfortable with that.

Have you prepared yourself for the work?

It’s a big commitment to make so you need to be sure you’re prepared for what’s in store. In most jobs, you’re going to have to build some status in that niche first before the big money comes in – being an escort/sex worker is no exception. You’ll only start earning the large sums once you’re a confident, experienced face, which means patience and hard work are vital. Your expertise will be truly rewarded in good time. Obviously earning the big bucks isn’t essential in the escort industry, but you have to be certain you’re ready for the work nevertheless.

Providing sexual service

It’s very possible that you’ll get interest from important international people who are very wealthy. They could give you access to a whole new array of possible clients from the upper class, should they wish you accompany them to parties or dinners etc. Besides this, you have to prepare yourself to have sex with whoever you’re looking after; although there’s no official contract saying so, this is usually a huge part of what you’re being paid to do, it’s an industry-wide etiquette. If the sexual side of things is something you’re not entirely committed to yet then you might find yourself in a very confined area of the market and it’ll no doubt be a factor that pushes other escorts above you in terms of desirability. Lots of clients are here for a good time, not a long time! But if it’s something that you’re more than willing to go ahead with, you’re in a very strong position and shouldn’t have any issues at all!

How often do you want to work?

Unlike many regular jobs, the service industry allows you to dictate your hours of operation – once you become a popular, sought-after individual. If people want you enough, they’re going to be more willing to make themselves available when you tell them you are, which is always a nice situation to be in. If you’re getting more interest than you do free slots, you’ll never be short of work. There are plenty of people who work as an escort alongside their normal 9 to 5 job. As you can imagine this a very effective way of bringing earning big, so don’t be surprised if you notice escorts being so frivolous. Having said that, if you want to be fully devoted to your business as an escort, being lenient with your client and your time is the best solution because of course, your demand and your client base will be a lot higher. Despite this, the best thing about the profession is that you always have the ability to make your own decisions and you’ll never be pressured into anything you don’t want to do. You might find a good way to go about it is to work out what sort of money you’re wanting to earn, which then allows you to come up with a pretty accurate figure in terms of hours.

Keep your family and friends in the good books

Obviously, you’re now well aware that during your time in the escort business, you’ll be engaging in sexual activity with people you don’t actually know. Naturally, your loved ones might be quite concerned about this either on a moral level or for fear of your wellbeing. It’s actually a very sophisticated and professional industry and most people outside of your circle will accept this, but family and friends will always have slightly more cautious opinions.  

It can be hard to stop the two sides of your life from merging, but it’s vitally important that neither aspect is impacted in a negative. Therefore, consider whether it’s actually worth telling them about your exploits if you suspect they’ll struggle to accept it. This choice has to be entirely down to you. Of course, the ideal scenario is that everyone is understanding of your job and they all let you get on with it – you’re very lucky if that’s the case and you can really get going without any doubts or hindrances.

It’s common for escorts to keep the whole thing quiet and get on with things without the hassle, this can save a lot of stress and more often than not this will be the appropriate decision. The key to maintaining a successful career here is to hold a low profile and restrict the amount of personal info that’s accessible. Because of that, you’ll want to limit the number of people you tell about your work anyway. This works in your favour too, as there shouldn’t really be any evidence of your sexual exploits hanging around for public viewing.

Concealing identity is important for your own safety too. On the whole, being an escort isn’t a particularly dangerous job, but you’ll always get the odd client who might try and get a little closer to your private life. If you’re smart and take the right precautions, this shouldn’t be an issue as no one will be able to find out your identity anyway. This includes using an alias and limiting the amount of general conversation you get yourself into. Being wary of how your images are being shared around is also very wise.

Build yourself into an attractive all-rounder

To quickly bust a big industry myth, looks aren’t everything. Obviously, being blessed with flawless looks is going to help you out, but looking after your appearance and having an attractive personality is actually far more crucial. We’ve touched on this before, but you’ll get lots of clients that want to bring you along to some impressive meetups with important people. Making your client feel comfortable around others and providing them with someone to be ‘partnered with’ is much more important than sex here.

This means you need to put a lot of thought and effort into how you present yourself and how you react to being part of an elite circle. Putting it straight – you need to be a people person. Everything you do and each time you communicate with someone, it should be done in a way that considers your clients’ image. Make them look the best they can.

On the appearance side of things, being ‘good looking’ doesn’t just entail perfect features and uncontrollable genetics. It’s all well and good having beautiful olive skin and long, slim legs, but if you’re unhappy about your work and don’t have a warm, friendly smile on your face or don’t greet people in a polite and gentle way, there’s no chance of you getting business form the same customer twice. Make sure you’re in the business to have a good time and not just for money because you’ll get found out very quickly! Aim to be beautiful company, more than having beautiful looks.

More often than not your customers will have used escorts many times before hiring you, which means they know exactly what a good escort consists of.

You don’t want to completely roll over to people though; coming across as strong, creative and independent will pitch you above a lot of other escorts.  

Use an agency

Most potential clients will do their browsing and choosing through recognised agency websites – so you’re best chance of getting business is by joining one of these. All major cities across the country will have agencies based there, promoting their escorts to clients within the area. The huge number of available agencies here can be a little overwhelming, so you might find yourself asking the question: “How do I know which one to choose?”. Here’s what you need to consider when narrowing down your choices:

  • Try and inquire about the amount of commission an agency will take from your bookings before making a commitment, as they do vary. A normal figure is around 30% so make sure you’re not getting a dodgy deal. You’ll still need to take into account the quality of clients they’re providing you with to properly work out if you’re getting a fair sum. The money will always go through you first before the agency takes their cut.  
  • Besides your pay, the key to finding a good agency is by checking out their safeguarding procedures that’ll help protect you as an escort, should you come across tricky clients. People should always be screened before they become a paying client, so never join an agency who doesn’t follow this procedure. Check that they keep records of all historic contacts to have approached the business, as this will give you peace of mind when they pass someone on to you.

You could be lucky enough to already have a trusted friend in the business – this is who you should go to when wanting to make sure your choices are secure. It’s likely they’ll know the best agencies around. Although the 30% commission fee sounds like a lot, the work and help you’ll get from an agency is worth even more than that in time and exposure. You won’t have to worry about taking calls, promoting yourself or designing a website – it’s all done for you!

Deciding to go alone

You may feel that an agency doesn’t deserve to take a share of your earning and that decision is completely warranted; you can go independent. It might even earn you more money. You’ll find it to be a lot heavier in terms of workload though. All of the promotion and name building will have to be done by yourself, which means you’ll have to start up your own website. You’ll also have to look after that website and keep it up to date, which won’t exactly be cheap. Your safety and security checks won’t sort themselves, either.

There are plenty of positives to going solo too – as mentioned earlier your hours of operation are completely customisable and even your earnings can be chosen by you to an extent. We’d still suggest linking up with another independent escort though, to allow you to share ideas, pass on clients and safeguard each other.

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It takes time

It’s not going to be plain sailing when you begin your journey and there will be many issues that crop up. It’s an entirely new experience and lifestyle for the majority of people, plus you can’t expect to be pulling in the big clients as soon as you begin. Patience will be your biggest paying point as you progress through the many levels on your way to the big league. The more work you do, the better the reviews you’ll get and the more renowned you become.

Eventually, you’ll be a trusted and well-respected escort where you can charge large sums for your services. If you follow all of the necessary steps, you’ll really enjoy yourself.

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