Have you ever thought about working on a sex chat line? It certainly has a lot going for it and it’s a quick and easy way to make some cash! 

One of the main benefits is that you can work from the comfort and safety of your own home, or from wherever you choose to work: a friend’s house, your other half’s place, from anywhere and at any time. As long as you have access to a landline, and a positive and engaging voice and attitude towards your callers, you can work as a freelance chat line operator, making very good money simply using your brains and your voice…. 

The flexibility in your working hours is another attractive side of being a chat line operator. You can fit your chat line work around your lifestyle, working as little or as many hours as you like (depending on the company you work for, that is). Obviously, the more hours you put in, the more regular callers you will attract and retain, and the more money you will make. Reputable companies such as 121Girls.com offer their chat operators full flexibility towards their hours and schedule, and will allow you to work whichever hours suit you best, giving you complete freedom as to the amount of time you spend on the line. You can log on and take chat line calls as a part-time job, or work as a full-time operator…it’s completely up to you. Perhaps you already have a full-time job, and just want to earn some extra cash during the hours you’re not busy at your main job… Well, working as a chat line operator is perfect for you: log on before or after your other job; you can log on nights, weekends, or anytime that suits you best.  The chat lines are generally open 24/7 all year round (including Christmas Day!) for customers and operators alike; so, there are callers waiting to chat with you around the clock, even on Sundays and bank holidays. It’s perfect, you can easily squeeze some chat line operator hours in between other jobs, housework, your family, or whilst waiting for your partner or a friend to arrive for a date or a catch up!

Additional advantages of working for a sex chat line is the confidentiality of the job. You can register with them to become an operator with all confidence. No one outside of the company will have access to your details, real name, or phone number. You can use whichever alias you prefer on the chat line, as well as any pictures you like on your profile page. Both your voice messages on the phone line and the text and images on the website are completely customisable by you. You decide what and how you want to display and advertise your sex chat operator persona to your callers. The chat line redirects all calls made to you via their own phone lines, and so callers will only be able to see the company’s phone numbers. You can rest assured you and your details are completely safe and no one need ever know you work as a chat line operator if you do not wish them to.

Being a chat line operator is also a very safe way of working within the sex industry without having to risk any physical contact with your customers! This type of work is completely stress-free in that respect, there isn’t any danger of any kind attached to it, unlike with other kinds of sex industry jobs. You can also choose the kind of chat you are prepared to engage in. It is very important that you work for a company that offers a variety of sex chat operator personas and categories, so that the type of chat that you work in suits your personality and does not feel uncomfortable.

One important thing you should be aware of when choosing a chat line to work for, is that it’s a reputable company that you can trust, such as 121Girls.com.


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