Here at Friday-Ad Adult, first and foremost we care for the safety of adult workers. 

Recently on twitter something caught my eye, and I noticed a thread by Zoe Red that I had to stop and read as it was relating to safety and screening.

Zoe (a high class escort and travel companion based in London) lists the importance of screening clients.

This thread was written in response to people who argued or opined that screening is a privilege and a luxury that survival Sex Workers (SW) cannot afford to do, since screening means turning down a lot of clients and earning little to no income as a result. 

(Although this view seems to be mainly an American perspective, where escorting is illegal) 

Regardless of the environment we work in, the most basic, yet essential and biggest weapon we all have and MUST use is our INSTINCT. Would you agree?

I also believe that bad clients are the exception, not the norms.

Even with all the “luxury & privileged screening” dangerous clients still slip through. So imagine without any precautions at all?

Bearing in my mind, my definition of screening is taking the most basic precautions.

So with that in mind, I cannot understand why a Sex Worker (SW) will ignore her instinct and red flags of a potentially dangerous client because she has bills to pay & kids to feed, then walk straight into a dangerous situation.

If clients are generally not dangerous, then a SW cannot afford NOT to screen the few dangerous ones. So when you feel something isn’t right, don’t take the booking. Turn it down!

The idea that you *have to take all bookings, and can’t afford to turn down bad clients* is insane and should not be advocated.

We should encourage everyone to put their safety first; however we choose to do that is up to us. But we must prioritise safety over our needs for money.

For example, imagine a SW wouldn’t/couldn’t afford to screen and ignored her instinct….

Client comes, gets the service, robbed her of the little money she had made that day, and runs off. The sex worker left mentally scared and even more broke than before.

Now tell me, how does ignoring her safety and that of her kids was a luxury and privilege she couldn’t afford?

You know what she couldn’t afford? The CONSEQUENCES of ignoring or not taking BASIC safety measures.

The consequences of not taking safety measures and throwing caution to the wind, far outweigh any benefits.

Whilst I appreciate the struggles of survival SW, “some can’t afford to turn down clients” shouldn’t be an excuse not to screen. WE must take some basic safety measures.

Here are 9 safety tips that should be applied to “Screening”

1) The first and most essential screening tool you’ll ever need in this industry as a SW is your instinct and gut feeling. In my opinion.

You have it and must use it.

2) Whether you are a street prostitute, penthouse sex trader, indie or working with an agency, as long as you are not a trafficked or forced SW, you CAN AFFORD to screen. No excuse.

Screening is a risk assessment using your instinct. You can afford it. You have it. Please use it!

3) Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot afford to screen, that it is a luxury and not a choice, because YOU can. In fact you already have it.

Remember! The most important screening tool is your instinct and that gut feeling. So use it to make a choice for yourself.

4) Of course, there are other “luxury screening tools” like paying an agency/assistant, having access to some blacklist, reviews or asking clients for a lot of personal info they aren’t willing to provide, BUT even those aren’t reliable without instinct & good old gut feeling.

5) The most reliable tool is your gut feeling. Your instinct. How you feel about that client from his first contact. You have it. We all have it. Please use it.

6) Take a few seconds to minutes to risk assess that client; consider your feelings about him & watch out for red flags (whatever this means to YOU). If you think something is off, take a few seconds to think. Then make a decision (this is where there is a choice) whether to proceed or not.

7) You cannot always be 100% sure and that’s okay. Nobody is ever 100% sure, not even the most experienced amongst us. Nor the luxury escorts with all their privilege screening tools.

But YOU SHOULD always consider red flags and pay attention to the little details. Then make a choice

8) Don’t ever believe that putting your safety first is a luxury that you cannot afford. It is not.

No matter your circumstances or the environment you work in as a SW, you can & should always risk assess. Then decide.

9) Always remember, SAFETY FIRST.

The rest comes with experience.

See more of Zoe Red HERE on her website. Also follow her on twitter @MsZoeRed

Photots courtesy of Zoe Red

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